Third Annual List Tracks Mac Industry Influence

EL RENO, OK (18 July 2002) -- MDJ, the Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh Users, this week released the third annual MDJ Power 25 list. The list, distilled from surveys sent to industry movers and shakers (including journalists, executives, engineers, and Apple Computer insiders), is the Macintosh industry's only serious attempt to track the perception of power and influence in the community.

"As we expected, the top part of the list is very stable compared to last year," said Matt Deatherage, publisher of MDJ. "However, there are more Apple employees recognized as power players than ever before, across many of Apple's businesses. Third-party developers and Mac Webmasters fell off the list of influence to make the room."

Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs tops the list for the third consecutive year by a wide margin. Avie Tevanian (Apple's senior VP of software engineering) and Adam C. Engst (Macintosh author and publisher of TidBITS) maintained their second- and third-place rankings, respectively. Apple industrial designer Jonathan Ive moved into fourth place, and Apple technology manager Tim Holmes jumped into fifth place, up six positions from last year. The remainder of the list includes Apple executives, journalists, programmers, and engineers who wield unexpected influence on the way the Macintosh evolves.

The complete 2002 MDJ Power 25:

  1. Steve Jobs (iCEO, Apple Computer)
  2. Avie Tevanian (Senior VP of SW Engineering, Apple Computer)
  3. Adam C. Engst (author; publisher, TidBITS)
  4. Jonathan Ive (VP of design, Apple Computer; led iMac design)
  5. Tim Holmes (Mac OS Technology Manager, Apple Computer)
  6. Bill Gates (Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft)
  7. Kevin Browne (manager, Mac Business Unit, Microsoft)
  8. Colin Crawford (CEO, Mac Publishing, LLC)
  9. Tim O'Reilly (founder and CEO, O'Reilly & Associates)
  10. Fred Anderson (Chief Financial Officer, Apple Computer)
  11. Bertrand Serlet (VP of Platform Technologies, Apple Computer)
  12. Walt Mossberg (technology columnist, The Wall Street Journal)
  13. David Pogue (author, "Missing Manual" book series; New York Times columnist)
  14. Jon Rubinstein (Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, Apple Computer)
  15. Sal Soghoian (AppleScript Product Manager, Apple Computer)
  16. Ron Johnson (VP of Retail, Apple Computer)
  17. Bruce Chizen (CEO, Adobe Systems)
  18. Rich Siegel (CEO, Bare Bones Software)
  19. Jeffrey Robbin (iApplications engineer, Apple Computer)
  20. Chris Espinosa (AppleScript engineering manager, Apple Computer)
  21. Shaan Pruden (Director of Partnership Management, Apple Computer)
  22. Greg Marriott (iPod software engineer, Apple Computer)
  23. Andy Ihnatko (pundit and columnist, Macworld and Chicago Sun-Times)
  24. Rick LePage (editor-in-chief, Macworld Magazine)
  25. Phil Schiller (Senior VP of worldwide product marketing, Apple Computer)

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Anyone who wants to read the fully annotated list and extras can sign up for a free, no-obligation trial subscription to MDJ or MWJ before 2002.08.01 and receive a free copy of the issue in the new, modern Macjournals PDF format, updated this week for the first time since 1996.

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