Inaugural Power and Influence List Tracks Mac Industry

EL RENO, OK -- MDJ, the Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh Users, relaunched on Monday, July 17, 2000, with the inaugural "MDJ Power 25." The list, compiled through extensive surveys with Macintosh industry insiders (including journalists, development executives, programmers, and Apple Computer insiders), is the Mac industry's first serious attempt to track not only who has power and influence, but also to rank individuals as they are perceived by insiders in a position to know.

"The MDJ Power 25 is a first step to a more serious evaluation of how the Macintosh community operates," said MDJ publisher Matt Deatherage. "As a separate subculture within the world of technology, the Macintosh community is unique and somewhat insular. Outsiders who try to assess how the community works may not graps the dynamics, so we asked the insiders who they think wields power. The results are quite illuminating."

Apple Computer iCEO Steve Jobs tops the first MDJ Power 25 by a wide margin. The second position goes to Macintosh newsletter publisher and author Adam C. Engst, whose free e-zine TidBITS reaches 75,000 people each week. The list includes Apple executives, journalists, programmers, and even some relatively unknown engineers who influence the way the Macintosh evolves far more than many people may realize.

The complete MDJ Power 25:

  1. Steve Jobs (iCEO, Apple Computer)
  2. Adam C. Engst (author; publisher, TidBITS)
  3. Avie Tevanian (Senior VP of SW Engineering, Apple Computer)
  4. Bill Gates (Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft)
  5. Ric Ford (Editor-in-chief, MacInTouch [Web site])
  6. Jonathan Ive (VP of design, Apple Computer; led iMac design)
  7. Leonard Rosenthol (programmer, Digital Applications)
  8. Sean Parent (lead engineer, Photoshop team, Adobe Systems)
  9. John Warnock (CEO, Adobe Systems)
  10. Tim Holmes (Mac OS Technology Manager, Apple Computer)
  11. Fred Anderson (Chief Financial Officer, Apple Computer)
  12. David Pogue (author; editor of "Missing Manual" book series)
  13. Phil Schiller (VP, worldwide product marketing, Apple Computer)
  14. Andy Ihnatko (columnist and pundit)
  15. Steve Kiene (CEO, MindVision)
  16. Ted Landau (MacFixIt director of content,
  17. Neil Ticktin (CEO, Xplain; publisher, MacTech Magazine)
  18. Colin Crawford (CEO, Mac Publishing, LLC)
  19. Quinn "The Eskimo!" (developer support engineer, Apple Computer)
  20. Rich Siegel (CEO, Bare Bones Software)
  21. Bob LeVitus (author; columnist, MacCentral and Houston Chronicle)
  22. Jim Luther (system software engineer, Apple Computer)
  23. (tie) David Wright (Mac OS X Technology Partnership Manager)
  24. (tie) Tom Weyer (Networking Technology Partnership Manager) (both of Apple Computer)
  25. Jonathan Kahn (CEO, Aladdin Holdings, Aladdin Systems)

The MDJ Power 25 relaunches MDJ, the Daily Journal for Serious Macintosh Users. Published weekdays by GCSF, Incorporated, MDJ was originally published to critical acclaim and worldwide support in 1996 and 1997. Since 1997, GCSF has published MWJ, a weekly newsletter offering the same advertising-free news, analysis, and spin control upon which well-placed Macintosh industry veterans have come to rely.

MDJ 2000.07.17 features full discussion of each listed person in the MDJ Power 25, along with "honorable mention" and "missing in action" discusssions of those who did not make the list. The fully annotated list will also appear in this weekend's issue of MWJ, and in August's inaugural issue of MMJ, a Monthly Journal for Serious Macintosh Users.

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