Developer Information

We are interested in working with Macintosh developers to make sure their news reaches our subscribers. After all, our subscribers want to know what's going on, and if you're making great products, you want to tell them, right? If we work together, everyone's happy.

There are several ways you can help us keep Macintosh users informed.

  • Send your announcements, press releases and other information to <>.

  • Please include full contact information for your company (not just for PR contacts), including address, phone numbers (and not just toll-free numbers, since people outside the US and Canada can't use them), Web and E-mail addresses. If we can't easily find this information otherwise, we can't pass it along to our readers.

  • We support "embargo" information—if you're making an announcement on Wednesday, you can send us the information the previous Friday (or earlier) and we'll hold onto it until that time. There are mixed opinions on embargos; some people think it's irresponsible to sit on hot information just because a company requests it. We take a more pragmatic approach—if you have the information ready, we can either get it to our readers the first issue after you announce it or the next issue (a day or a week later), and we'd prefer the former. Note, however, that if we get copies of the embargoed information from other sources, that's a different story.

Submitting Review Products

If you'd like to submit products for our examination, we can often accept them. Contact us to arrange shipment. In general, we ask for two review copies of software—one goes to a reviewer, should we assign one, and one stays in our product library for future use in answering questions, testing compatibility and so on. If we have a reviewer already identified for your product, we may ask you to ship directly to that person to save time.

We do not review pre-release products unless they're available to the public, and even then only occasionally. We do accept final products for review before the official release date to help time the review with your announcement; contact us for details.

Note that MDJ and MWJ do not normally publish reviews, but our staff does use library copies of new programs to answer questions and inform readers about how your product compares to newer and older products. The more we know, the more accurate we can be.

Questions or comments? Contact us at any of the above addresses, or at the general address <>.

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