Yes, it’s a new site

If you’re seeing a lot of old items marked as new in your RSS reader this morning, it’s because we got around to redirecting the old feed URLs to the new WordPress-powered feed for the new site.  WordPress is a far more stable and pleasant platform than the piecemeal stuff we had been using for the Web side of things, and we’ve long looked forward to getting this server installed and running.

It’s just one piece of the puzzle, though, but as you can see we’re still working on rebuilding for a new era where Apple’s tablet computers lead the world and HP is ditching its entire PC business.  Anyone who says they saw that coming is just lying.  At best, they made wild-ass guesses. We only guessed that the world would change a lot and we needed an infrrastructure that would support that. It’s taking us some time, but we smile at the progress regularly.

For example, this news blog. The original site never anticipated such, and when we glued it on, it wasn’t very sticky.  Posting required using a CMS (to avoid hand-editing and updating of links), then publishing through two servers and running a shell script.  Now we can publish from any browser, or an iPad or iPhone app if we’re feeling “hip” (as the kids say these days).  With some luck, we can post some news updates even as we rebuild other parts. And maybe even allow comments at some point if we don’t think the spam will drive us crazy. (The last thing we’re seeking is additional ways to spend time!)

But we hope you’ll start to hear from us more, at least when we have something useful to say. Putting off saying something for several hours and reconsidering has, many times, convinced us that what we were going to say wasn’t worth your time. We’ll try to keep respecting that.