Out of service for a day or two

In an unwanted display of irony, our production machine (a dual-2.5GHz Power Mac G5) has gone dark in the midst of our preparation of an article about how to best take in your Macintosh for service. (Don’t worry—we removed the internal hard drive before taking it in for service, and verified with the local Apple Store that this was fine.)

We even stopped by a going-out-of-business CompUSA store to pick up an external Serial ATA drive enclosure, in the hopes of getting the drive up and running on another computer and continuing at less than full speed. Alas, when the drive enclosure box said “cables included,” they meant the USB cables to connect it to the computer—not the cables you need to connect the drive to the enclosure. Those are not included, and we don’t have any, since in most Macintosh models, they’re rather firmly attached to the case or logic board at several places. It’s now long past closing time at any store that might have them, and most of them are a good 45 minutes away, anyway.

This is why no one liked CompUSA and why they’re going out of business.

So while we’re without the main machine or main storage drive for a day or so, we’ll be out of commission—we’re here, but without the properly licensed installations of all our tools. E-mail responses will therefore be delayed as well. And it’s still better that it happened this week instead of next week.

Just in case you worried, we’re still here. We hope to be back at full speed within a day or two, and certainly by the end of the week.