Did the 1.1.1 update “brick” your iPhone?

Even if, like ours, it wasn’t hacked in any way?

We promise nothing, but here’s a tip: make sure the iPhone dock is plugged directly into the USB 2.0 port on your computer, not into a hub or keyboard (even a USB 2.0 keyboard).

We had errors updating that required “restoring” the iPhone, and then the “restore” didn’t work, and then once we plugged and unplugged the dock, it started working but kept getting “disconnected” during the sync that restored all the files to the iPhone.

On a whim, we tried moving the iPhone dock from a second-level USB 2.0 hub (in other words, a 2.0 hub plugged into another 2.0 hub plugged into the computer) and plugged it directly into the host Macintosh. Bingo – no more problems, no more disconnections, sync and restore all worked fine.

We have no reason to believe that there are any power issues with the USB 2.0 ports we’ve been using, and this is only anecdotal evidence, but it’s possible that some driver got confused somewhere during the process (a printer plugged into the first USB 2.0 hub also stopped working until it was unplugged and reconnected to the USB 2.0 bus).

If you’re having trouble, it can’t hurt to try this.