MDJ 2007.08.14 re-issued

One of the delays we’ve seen has been that in the process of retooling for the new world, we keep managing to break things. Our slightly revised PDF production process uses Acrobat Professional 8 tools to slim down the PDF files, but we found out the hard way today that “Discard external cross-references” apparently, to Acrobat, means “throw away some, but not all, URL destinations in the document.”

This left MDJ 2007.08.14 in an interesting state for readers—although all of the URLs were properly styled in blue text indicating clickable links, half or more of them actually were not clickable hyperlinks.

Once we figured this out, it was easy enough to fix. We can’t re-mail the PDF issue to subscribers (and many of you wouldn’t want us to, anyway), but we’ve re-generated and re-signed “Version 2” of MDJ 2007.08.14 and placed both the uncompressed and Zip-compressed PDF files in the RSS feeds. (The old RSS feed has only the Zip-compressed version, of course, but the new feed has both. The link above is to the uncompressed PDF version for those who want to read it on the iPhone, and requires an MDJ user ID and password to access.)

For reference, the older (incorrect, version 1) PDF file was 221,470 bytes long, and its ZIP archive was 208,152 bytes. The newer, correct version 2 PDF file is 225,351 bytes, and the ZIP archive is 211,404 bytes. (This is listed in the new RSS feed, but it never hurts to document it.)

We apologize for any inconvenience.