Cult-like behavior?

The June 2007 New York magazine piece calling Steve Jobs “iGod,” combined with iPhone hype, brings back charges of a “cult” of Apple and its followers. However, The Weekly Attitudinal, MWJ‘s right-by-definition opinion feature, took on this canard nearly a decade earlier. The Attitudinal examined actual scholarly definitions of “cult-like” behavior, and found that not only is there no “cult of Macintosh,” but also that you could argue equally well that there was a “cult of Wintel.” This is from 1998—no Mac OS X, no iPod, no iPhone, no Intel transition, so some of the references are a bit dated, but it’s a good way to let you see where the Attitudinal has been on this issue all along.

We don’t update the online samples as much as we should, and sometimes it shows. For example, this month, we put MWJ 2003.05.25 into the subscribers-only MDJ and MWJ RSS feeds because that issue includes MacCyclopedia’s primer on the HFS and HFS Plus file systems – a fine companion to the Attitudinal’s exposition and takedown of ZFS as a “default” Mac OS X file system this month. What we forgot was that the issue was already available as a free sample of MWJ, in both PDF and setext formats. So everyone can enjoy it, while we work on the definitive answer on empirical vs. deterministic upgrade information. And stay out of the rain. We swear, every bit of rain that California’s missing, we’ve found.