Slight downtime today

Just by way of warning: we need to replace a failing hard drive in one of our server machines this afternoon. The actual installation, plus final duplication from the old drive to the new drive, will require taking the server offline for the duration of those steps of the process. During that time, E-mail to our domains may be interrupted, as will some of the smaller weblog hosting we provide for staff and friends. This server ( or is unaffected, which is why you’re reading it here.

Nothing to worry about – just an old hard drive that’s an accident waiting to happen, getting replaced with a new part that should make us spend a lot less time baby-sitting it for the life of the server. Thanks!

Update (9:00 PM CDT): Connectivity is back, but mail and weblogs are still offline while the cloning continues. Don’t worry about bounces – your server almost certainly tries to send mail every 30-60 mins for 2-3 days before giving up, and full (faster) service will be back in a few hours. Thanks!

Update #2 (8:00 AM Fri CDT): The server is restored and connectivity is coming back – thanks for your patience!