The installer *probably* doesn’t overwrite newer files with older ones

If the business news and security news and press watch is not your style, check out this MacFixIt page. The site has often recommended re-installing “Combo” updates to repair mysterious Mac OS X problems, but MDJ and MWJ have responded by pointing out that this could undo later updates – for example, replacing files from a recent Security Update with older, insecure ones.

On Friday, MacFixIt insisted without sourcing that this was not the case. MDJ‘s publisher asked for sources, so the site’s Ben Wilson tested it and found it to be true.

That led to another technical diversion through a document that explains the situation, but for some reason is marked as “legacy” even though it seems to be perfectly true. We’ll expand on it and clean it up for a future issue of MDJ, but if you want a little technical interlude and the answer to a long-standing question, check it out. There are a couple of other situations not mentioned there where the installer might replace a newer file with an older one, but the good news it that it probably works the way you want it to work.