“1984” aired more than once

Without taking sides in the way that Apple’s famous 1984 ad has been turned into political fodder, we feel obliged to point out that the trope “it only aired once” is false. It only aired once nationally, but in local markets:

In keeping with industry tradition, Chiat/Day paid $10 to run 1984 in the 1:00 A.M. sign-off slot on December 15, 1983, at a small television station (KMVT, Channel 11) in Twin Falls, Idaho, thereby ensuring that the commercial would qualify for that year’s advertising awards. And beginning on January 17, the 30-second version of the commercial aired for weeks in ScreenVision, an advertising medium played in movie theaters before previews and feature presentations (some theater owners loved the commercial so much that they continued running it for months without pay).

It should also be noted when talking about 1984, but rarely is, that Apple’s choice to run this ad in the 1984 Super Bowl is what established the Super Bowl as a premier advertising showcase, something that’s still true 23 years later.