…despite this week’s attempts to undo the news work, we now think we have the giant collection of Stoopid that is the past few weeks in the tech industry sorted into the appropriate piles for the requisite demolition.

(See this for an example of why we’ve had to use large quantities of duct tape to keep our heads from exploding. That’s just one we decided we couldn’t put in one of the piles lest it devour the whole thing.)

Give us a couple of days without phone and with slow E-mail response and we’ll have something. And we don’t even need to patent the piles.

(By the way, per the previous item: we did lose power right during a writing/editorial session – but only 4 days after the storm had passed. Go figure.)

Update: Aw, crap – the auto-generated invoices have been jammed up longer than I thought, too. We’ve sent the most urgent ones and will flush a status message for everyone after MWJ publishes in the next 48 hours. When something derails, getting those boxcars back on the track takes more effort than we remember.