A reminder to MWJ readers – issues await you NOW!

We’re well aware that the previous issue of MWJ was in early November 2006, and we’re not trying to pull anything over on you. We’ve made no secret that the security topics we wished to tackle throughout the last half of 2006 kicked the crap out of us, and only in December did we start getting a handle on them and cranking through the topics.

What we want to remind MWJ subscribers today is that, by policy, while MWJ is delayed, you get free issues of MDJ in MWJ’s stead. If you want to read them, they’re in the secure MWJ RSS feed to which we distributed usernames and passwords either on 2006.07.02, or if you subscribed after that, when you signed up. (Sorry, free trial subscribers – RSS access is only available with full subscriptions.)

Just use the username and password we shared with you in Safari or NetNewsWire (or any RSS reader that supports both enclosures and secure pages) and you’ll find every issue of MDJ since the last issue of MWJ was published. (The issues are only available to MDJ subscribers for the first 48 hours after publication, but as soon as we rebuild the feeds after that, they’re added automatically to the MWJ RSS feed if the last issue of MWJ was published more than a week earlier.)

Right now there are 26 pages of MDJ waiting for you, mostly on security but with a few other topics. MDJ 2007.01.09, just published, has another 11 pages of current news and product announcements for Macworld Expo week, and that’ll be available in the MWJ RSS feed by Wednesday Thursday morning if MWJ hasn’t been published by that time.

We’re really doing our best through the difficulties to provide you with as much information as we can, but we simply feel it’s inappropriate to distribute issue of MDJ to you in E-mail because, well, many of you don’t want that much E-mail. RSS allows us to make those issues available to you now, just a click or two away if you want them now. Please feel free, as the scripted text in the RSS feed says, to “download, decompress, and enjoy!”

Updated: Thursday morning. Tuesday + two days = Thursday. We knew that. We think. It’s very busy this week. (Does the iPhone have a calendar?)