Happy New Year!

We hope you all were out partying to ring in the new year. We were here, in the office, but we don’t mind – in some ways, a lot of the second half of this year felt like an enforced vacation. You party, we’ll write!

We will be out of the office for most of New Year’s Day due to individual obligations, which is also why we can’t stay here until 6AM to get the current issues finished, but we’re optimistic for the next 36 hours. This security stuff has kicked our asses for the entire second half of 2006, but it’s not 2006 anymore, and we’re rolling right along. We’re finishing answers, reaching new conclusions, dissecting conventional wisdom – it’s all great fun, mitigated by the fact that it’s not yet in your hands. (Who decided to put two holidays in seven days at the end of the year? Annoying!) But it’s good stuff – see if we’re wrong when you get it.

And then – well, I’m not allowed to say, but it should be great fun. (We’re not talking about the stock options thing, either. That’s got unexplored level of weirdness in it, and we want to look at a few more things about it first.)

Happy new year!