An RSS Update

Of course, a Security Update arrived while we were trying to write about Security Updates. That’s just how that works.

As of tonight, we believe we’ve fixed the MDJ and MWJ secure RSS feed generators to fix two problems:

  1. We’re now using ditto to create the “.zip” archives, so they should unzip correctly on just about any Mac OS X system you care to try, and

  2. If the previous issue of MWJ was published more than week ago (when the feeds are built), it should automatically include all issues of MDJ published since that issue of MWJ (except those in the last 48 hours, as we originally noted back when we formulated this policy). When the next issue of MWJ arrives, the MDJ issues will vanish from the feed.

With any luck, now that this code is completed, it won’t run again for weeks or months. We could live with that version of “that’s just how that works.”