A note to MDJ PDF subscribers

We’ve installed StuffIt Deluxe 11 on the production system, and in preparing MDJ 2006.09.28 for distribution, we noticed that the new version no longer creates classic StuffIt (“.sit”) archives, the kind we’ve used since 1996 in distributing PDF files. This gives us a chance to start converting to ZIP compression as so many of you have requested.

Unfortunately, our distribution software was not expecting this, so we Zipped the issue and wrapped it in Binhex so the MIME type would still be correct. However, the enclosed file is not named “MDJ_20060928.pdf.sit”, but rather “Archive.zip”. This may affect some of your mail clients or automatic issue receiving scripts, for which we apologize. This is likely not the final word on Zip-based distribution, but we thought we should warn you of the change.

Update: We are getting reports from people who cannot unzip the archive in today’s E-mail delivery. If that happens to you, try the version in the secure RSS feed for your subscription – we’ve also heard that it works just fine, even though the two files were created by the same program (DropStuff 11). The file length on Archive.zip, once the binhex encoding has been removed, should be 159,666 bytes. The file length for MDJ_20060928.pdf.zip in the RSS feed should be 160,165 bytes. We’re not sure what difference the extra 499 bytes make, but obviously, we’ll attempt to fix E-mail delivery before our next issue.