An update on the publisher

MDJ and MWJ‘s publisher, as noted on Tuesday, is in the hospital. As recently as one week ago, the discovery of mold and algae in the GCSF Production Studio’s ventilation system gave us a working theory of “sick building syndrome,” but treatments were not effective. He went to see his doctor on Tuesday morning, and after an examination of his obvious respiratory distress, his doctor recommended immediate hospitalization and aggressive treatment of the respiratory problems.

In the course of that treatment, they found signs of an underlying cardiac problem that had been masked by the breathing trouble he’d had all summer long. He was transferred today to a leading heart hospital in the area, where aggressive treatment for that has already shown great results. He will still be sidelined for several more days, but he’s already trying to catch up – believe it or not, the hospital offers wireless internet access!

This is a serious thing, and it will require serious and ongoing treatment, but our present expectation is that he will be back in the office no later than the middle of next week. Thank you for your patience and support in this time.