Where things stand

We’ve gotten some E-mail asking about what’s going on since WWDC, including some today that mentioned this news feed but that didn’t know about our WWDC coverage, so let’s hit a few bases.

Everyone rested a bit after WWDC, including our publisher, who noted during live coverage that he had been tired:

But honestly, folks, it’s been a long summer all around North America. The international scene is more than “tense,” the pressure on Apple to either meet rumors or blow past them is astounding, and it just hasn’t been a good time. I’ve been slow and without much energy, though I think in my case it has to do with the effects of weeks of triple-digit temps and high humidity with no breaks, combined with the effects of childhood hay fever and asthma that lasted well into high school. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to retire, though an actual vacation by the end of the year wouldn’t hurt me a bit.

He found out this week it was more than that – it’s bronchitis (and was suspected as pneumonia for a while, but an X-ray cleared that today). So he’s moving kind of slow and is on what he calls the “really good cough syrup.”

Meanwhile, upon returning to GCSF World Headquarters, The Weekly Attitudinal had barricaded itself into the production studio. The Attitudinal, though popular, does not get onto MDJ‘s schedule much anymore because it can’t meet a deadline to save its pseudonymous butt, so when everyone was away, it got militant. The Attitudinal is apparently ranting on something about “changing the frame” and “command-line jerks,” but the publisher doesn’t have the energy to mount the invasive rescue operation it will take to dislodge the right-by-definition opinion feature from the keyboard.

We’re working on little things as everyone has the energy to do so, and will have an RSS update in the next post.