Holy cow, it’s hot around here

If we’re a bit slow to respond to E-mail or anything else this week, please accept our advance apologies. The picture on the right shows the current (as of this posting) appearance of the Yahoo! Weather widget for GCSF World Headquarters. It had reached 100°F before noon, and it’s not expected to get anywhere below 75°F through the end of the week.

Of course, GCSF World Headquarters is air-conditioned, but our production studio has separate heating and cooling. That works out great in winter, but in the summer, it really can’t keep the temperature in the studio much more than 20°F below the outside temperature – particularly if the humidity is as high as it is right now. When it starts to get above 95°F outside, we start to sweat. Right now, our internal studio temperature is registering a balmy 84°F, and it’s quite close in here. You can think of many adjectives to describe your ideal production environment, but “moist” is rarely among them.

The upshot is that it’s quite difficult to work in the studio for a good 8-hour stretch each day, and it’s the 8-hour stretch that you’d expect we’d want to be in here working. We’re managing the best we can – we don’t quite expect Yahoo’s predictions to come true – it’s predicted 107°F and 108°F for days earlier this summer, and on those days it barely got above 104, ha!). The second picture shows Apple’s weather widget for the same location at the same time, and it thinks things are a little bit cooler. We’re still sweating. And wondering why those digits aren’t kerned more closely in either widget. Gads.

(Until 1999, the production studio was a much smaller room that now hosts the library and servers, and with body heat and more machines in there, it could easily get above 95°F at this time of day. With just a couple of servers and no people in there, the building’s A/C keeps everything in line there now.)

Send us some cool thoughts – with Apple’s Q2 results coming this week and a lot of stuff already in progress, it’s going to be a hot one!