No MWJ this weekend

After coming back from the 2005-2006 MDJ Power 25 and the US 4th of July holiday, we had only two days left in the work week – and several complicated stories (10.4.7, Apple’s iPod factory investigation being “complete,” the stock options story, and now the whole “phoning home” thing) that just didn’t get sorted out before Friday.

Our calendar had shown Apple announcing Q3 results on Wednesday (2006.07.12), but it turns out that’s wrong – the announcement comes in 10 days, on 2006.07.19. We expected it a week earlier last quarter, too, and when we discovered our error, we checked Apple’s investor calendar and adjusted the dates. Now the adjusted dates for July and October are still a week too early, so we’re wondering if it’s a Gaslight kind of deal.

Anyway, we build a week off into every month that has five weekends. We’ll have to do something similar the second week of August, though, because staffers will be attending WWDC 2006. We’ve tried to publish MDJ and MWJ while attending the conference before, but it winds up being so exhausting that doctors get involved. We’re not sure what the schedule will be that week, but we’re considering a few unusual options to keep subscribers up-to-date. Stay tuned!