The 2005-2006 MDJ Power 25 is out!

Finally! MDJ readers were the first, exclusive beneficiaries of the 2005-2006 MDJ Power 25, as we published it last week in installments for the first time. We also disabled MDJ trial subscriptions for the week, so that existing MDJ subscribers and trials would be the first and only ones to see the list. MWJ subscribers got the full dose in MWJ 2006.07.02.

(The list you see in the press release is just the start – our full coverage, as seen in MWJ 2006.07.02, is 24 complete pages of methodologies, analysis, pros and cons for the power and influence of each listed person, plus people who barely missed making the list, those who fell off the 2004 MDJ Power 25, and people who strangely never quite seem to get traction.)

We already see coverage from MacMinute, Macworld UK (referenced by Brent Simmons, #16 on this year’s list), and Macsimum News. We’re sure more will come – writers seemed quite respectful of our wishes that subscribers get the list first, and no one published excerpts until this week.

A comment at the Macsimum News article shows that we’ll have some of the same debate we have every year:

What an idiotic list—Adam Engst is more influential than Jonathan Ive? Sounds like someone at ‘MDJ’ has a serious crush on him.

Who cares about John Gruber? Might as well put every other half-wit blogger on the list as well.

Implied homophobia notwithstanding, “we” didn’t put Adam Engst at #3 on the list, nor was it our decision to include John Gruber. As the first two paragraphs of Dennis’s article make clear, the MDJ Power 25 is a survey of Macintosh industry experts – Apple insiders, developers, writers, and others who are in a position to know who pulls the strings. As we say in every MDJ Power 25 issue, if we were making the list, Bill Gates would never appear on it – but he has, in all six surveys.

If you want to know why Adam Engst is #3 on this year’s survey, sign up for the free trial subscription to MWJ before the next issue this weekend, and you’ll get the full 2005-2006 MDJ Power 25 issue sent to you in E-mail. The coverage of Engst’s placement starts like this:

Let the complaints begin. Nothing on the MDJ Power 25 generates more reader complaints than the fact that Adam C. Engst, publisher of TidBITS and everpresent Mac community power broker, has always been ranked in the top five of the MDJ Power 25…

And then goes on to explain why he gets a ton of votes, including first-place votes. You need to read the whole thing to understand it, but here’s a choice paragraph:

Frankly, if you earn your living producing Macintosh products and you don’t know why Engst is always in the top five of the MDJ Power 25, you really ought to drop him a line and tell him what you’re doing. He can probably hook you up with someone who needs it, or suggest a few changes that would make it far more successful. Engst knows everybody, talks to everybody, and puts more people together than most matchmaking services you’d care to examine. He connects dots.

If it were a popularity contest, Adam Engst wouldn’t be #3 – but then again, the list wouldn’t include people like Bob Mansfield, exercising lots of power over Apple’s Intel-based hardware, but yet so unknown that even Apple insiders don’t quite know his job title. We look for the unexpected – not who you think pulls the strings in the Mac community, but who actually does. That always generates complaints. Read it for yourself and see what you think.