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We publish periodicals for serious Macintosh users and professionals, delivered electronically in a choice of formats without any advertising at low cost.

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MWJ is our most popular publication, and is the premier weekly journal for Macintosh users. Readers catch up on the best of the Macintosh world every weekend. MWJ contains summaries and in-depth examinations of the most important and interesting news stories and products of the week, plus feature articles on business and technical topics — how the Mac OS works, why Apple’s products contain the features they do, why the media doesn’t understand Apple’s business model, and more. MWJ unspins the spin, skewers the self-important, and praises innovation you can use, all in 16-24 ad-free pages each week.

Creative professionals, lab managers, developers – anyone who uses the Macintosh as a primary business or personal tool can get more out of it from MWJ, understanding more and worrying less.

MWJ is the best Macintosh information available at any price, and you can try it free. Operators are standing by to sign you up right now — including the current issue and the next two. Don’t believe us that quality is worth waiting for? Try it for yourself and call our bluff.

MDJ is for Macintosh professionals who need expert, spin-free news and analysis more frequently than once per week, arriving two to five times per week with information usually well in advance of MWJ.

Each ad-free issue of MDJ includes a feature article on a top daily story or hot issue – encylopedic technical information, the real story on inventory and business issues, in-depth coverage of new machines, opinion features that are based in facts but still not shy, and lots more. Besides the feature, each issue contains the very latest news and the most important product coverage for the past day, narrowing hundreds of stories and announcements into 2-3 pages you can read and understand fast.

Professionals need the best information every day, and MDJ is the cream of the crop for their needs. Top-tier developers, consultants, journalists, retailers — if the Macintosh is your business, MDJ is the premium journal for you. There’s nothing else like it, and the best way we can prove that is with a free, no obligation fifteen-issue trial subscription.